„Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them

in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit“
Matthew 28:19

News / Events

Christians as a minority

July 15, 2018


On Sunday 15th July 2018, Fadil was an honored guest at the Church for Bruchsal in the state of Baden-Württemberg. He not only provided information and stories from Gambia and the IMWA native missions school, but he cited statistics that predict that Christianity will become a minority religion within the next few years in Germany, the land of Martin Luther and the protestant reformation. When things go so well for Christians and for our society, it is easy to forget that we should be living a passion-filled life that makes a difference in our world. Too often, our focus ends up on fun and doing things the way we like them, as we lose our focus on the needs of others. But we can never forget our main mission as the church: reaching our world for Jesus. Of course, we’re all very thankful to Fadil for this loving reminder.


After the service we enjoyed a joint lunch with a wide variety of German, European and African dishes. A small foretaste of eternity!

Baby Is Called "Jenny"

April 19, 2018


Jenny Russel was in Gambia with other young Christians in February 2018. In the village of Jambanjelly, which Hannelore and Walter Krug support as part of their project "Love and Rice for Gambia", the Christians from the churches in Bruchsal and Neckarsulm distributed rice and clothing for the youngest in the village. Jenny Russel met a young woman named Jarra, as well as her two young children. They invited Jenny into their hut.


It broke Jenny's heart. Both mother and kids were sleeping on the floor! Although Jenny as a student has little money herself, she spontaneously donated €100 so that Pastor Fadil Ceesay could buy a bed in the capital Banjul. He put it on his car and delivered it to Jarra and her children in Jambanjelly. The news spread like wildfire. They rejoiced greatly. It was the first bed Jarra or her children had ever had.


One of Jarra's friends in the village, named Yama, was pregnant at the time Jenny Russel was in Jambanjelly. Yama's baby was born during the night of the 18th of April. Jenny Russel received the news via WhatsApp and couldn't believe her eyes: The baby was named after her! Because her gift caused so much joy and gratitude in the village, Yama named her newborn „Jenny".

Bake Sale

March 31, 2018


At the end of March, on the Saturday before Easter, there were plenty of homemade cakes on the town square in Weingarten. It was for a good cause. How did it come about?


The organizer was an 11-year-old girl named Amy. She had seen the movie "Love and Rice for Gambia" at the service in Bruchsal, and on the way home in the car, she said to her mother Annika: "Let's make something for Gambia. I want the kids to get food, too. Maybe we can collect donations so people can buy rice.“


That was settled. Mother Annika, friends and acquaintances, joined efforts to bake cake, and the delicious results can be seen in the pictures. They were a big hit. Amy also convinced her friend Nelly to join in, and she not only worked hard in advance but also spent the entire day at the stand.


Annika said, "We saw in the movie that this Africa aid really does go where it's needed. We can help with a little cake sale and support two, three or four families. We were really touched by the movie and the stories and conversations with the people who were there, and it really makes you think about how you can help.


Of course, we can't send a huge container there by ourselves, but you ask one or two friends, and everyone bakes a cake, looking for a suitable place and the right time – and so you can motivate people just to help a bit and to contribute something. Easy, and yet so important for individual families in Gambia.“


Amy and Annika's cake sale brought in €360.20 – enough for about twelve 50-kilo sacks of rice !!!

Do you have any ideas for how to support Gambia too?